The Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre (SLNAC) is the oldest institution in the country in the administration of arbitrations for the resolution of commercial disputes having been established and incorporated in the year 1985

The Arbitration Centre’s future role includes efforts to attract international arbitrations to Sri Lanka as a service provider and to make commercial dispute resolution by arbitration expeditiously, cost effective under due process of law.

On an average the centre conducts approximately twenty arbitration sittings per week. On a monthly basis the arbitration hearings total to near a hundred.

The Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre has co-operation agreements with the Giant Triple “A” of the USA, Korean Commercial Arbitration Organization and also with the Australia International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong and Singapore International Arbitration Centre’s.

UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (9.46mb)
  Arbitration Act (92.5kb)
  Information Release (124kb)
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  • The fundamental responsibility of the centre is to popularize the operation and practice of arbitration functioning as a facilitator, registrar and coordinator providing accommodation, secretarial services and other attendant facilities.

  • Four fully air conditioned chambers are available for the conduct of sittings with adequate modern comfortable seating along with suitable table arrangements.

  • Hotel arrangements could also be adequately provided on request for international and arbitration.

  • The centre is fully operational with an efficient computerized secretariat manned by a chief Executive Officer, Registrar and support staff for correspondence and accounts.

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Arbitration Press Conference Sri Lanka

Any dispute which the parties have agreed to submit to arbitration under an arbitration agreement may be determined by arbitration unless the matter in respect of which the arbitration agreement is entered into is contrary to public policy or, is not capable of determination by arbitration.

A party who seeks to challenge an arbitrator shall, unless the parties have decided that the decision shall be taken by some other person, first do so before the arbitral tribunal, within thirty days of his becoming aware of the circumstances which give rise to doubts about the arbitrators’ impartiality or independence.

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