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Oldest Institution in the Country

The Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre is the premier and oldest institution in the country which is responsible for the administration of arbitral matters and hearings. Founded in 1985, the Centre has and continues to take great pride in affording an expedient and comprehensive service for the resolving of commercial disputes.

Conveniently situated in the heart of cosmopolitan Colombo at No. 120/7, Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 7, the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre has built a reputation of trust, professionalism and commercial efficacy and is thus considered the benchmark for alternative dispute resolution in Sri Lanka. The Centre currently carries out on average 20 arbitration sittings on a weekly basis.

As part of its strategic vision of being the most sought after institution with respect to resolving commercial disputes across multiple spectrums, the Centre aims to etch its presence as an invaluable service provider, both regionally and internationally. Especially matters concerning international arbitration, the SLNAC affirms its commitment towards resorting to the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules for the resolving of any dispute expeditiously.

Strategic Alliances

Further, the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre has also entered into strategic alliances with a number of reputed international arbitration centres and organizations across the globe.

These include the Giant Triple “A’ in the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore International Arbitration Centres, Korean Commercial Arbitration Organization as well as the Australia International Arbitration Centre.

UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules

Accordingly the SLNAC is the premier institute for the facilitation of private sector and international dispute resolutions under due process of Law.

Due to the diverse nature parties to contracts utilizing the SLNAC as a policy facilitate and permits institutional or adhoc arbitrations. The parties seeking arbitration as per the contract or the Arbitration Act may request the Centre to suggest and nominate an arbitrator.

The SLNAC however recommends and adopts as the rules the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. Due to the amalgamation of the Civil and Common Law and being widely respected the UNCIRAL Arbitration rules are recommended for adoption by the parties if they so desire.

Our Services

As the oldest institution in Sri Lanka responsible for the administration of commercial arbitration, the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre remains at the forefront of affording a vast volume of services. Therefore, the Centre functions in the capacity of facilitator, registrar, coordinator of accommodation facilities and provider of secretarial services.

The portfolio of services found at the Centre includes 3 fully air-conditioned chambers which can be used for the purpose of conducting sittings. The chambers are well equipped and feature comfortable & adequate seating and table arrangements.

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The main responsibility of the centre is to popularize the operation and practice of arbitration.

Air Conditioned

3 fully air conditioned chambers are available for the conduct of sittings with adequate seating.

Hotel Arrangements

Hotel arrangements can be conveniently provided on request for international arbitrary hearings.

Fully Computerized

The centre is fully operational with an efficient computerized secretariat manned by a Chief Operations Officer.

Members of the centre

Board of Governors

The Centre’ Board of Governors consist of a Chairman, Members of the Board, Honorary Chief Executive and Chief Legal Advisor who conduct themselves in an honorary capacity for the betterment of the Centre as a whole.

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